Laumer, Mira Berrak

Relationship between organizational culture and organizational performance / bachelor thesis by Mira Berrak Voigt ; thesis advisor : Prof. Dr. Ritam Garg. - 33 pages : illustrations ; 29.5 cm.


BIBLIOGRAPHY NOTE: includes bibliographical references (p. 29-31).

1. Introduction --
1.1 General Introduction --
1.2 Main Problem Statement --
1.3 Need and Justification for the Study --
1.4 Research Aim --
1.4.1 Research Questions --
1.4.2 Research Objectives --
1.5 Structure of the Thesis --
2. Literature Review --
2.1 Introduction --
2.2 Organizational Culture --
2.2.1 Definitions and characteristics --
2.2.2 Limitations of current studies --
2.3 Organizational Performance --
2.3.1 Definitions and characteristics --
2.3.2 Impact of Organizational Culture on Performance --
2.3.3 Limitations of current studies --
2.4 Conceptual Framework --
3. Research Approach --
3.1 Research Strategy --
4. Data Collection and Data Analysis --
5. Organizational Culture Models and Relationship With Performance --
5.1 Hofstede’s organizational cultural dimensions --
5.2 Denison’s culture model --
5.3 Schein’s levels of culture --
6. Examples of Organizational Cultures --
6.1 General Information --
6.2 The Volkswagen Scandal: Description --
6.2.1 Connection with Organizational Culture and Performance --
6.3 The Uber Scandal: Description --
6.3.1 Connection with Organizational Culture and Performance --
6.4 Success stories --
7. Conclusion --
8. Bibliography --
9. Appendix.

"The main aim of my thesis is to research the significance of organizational culture and organizational performance by understanding these two terms—“organizational culture” and “organizational performance”—while examining the impact of organizational culture on performance, entitled leadership styles, and challenges, and identifying possibilities to change a culture to better the organization’s achievements.
According to my research aim, I will focus on the following research questions in my thesis:
1. How can organizational culture and organizational performance be defined?
2. How does organizational culture influence performance?
3. How is it possible to change culture within an organization to improve performance?
To answer these research questions, I have created the following research objectives, which will help answer my research questions:
1. Critically review literature on organizational culture.
2. Identify models of organizational culture.
3. Identify case studies.
In my paper, I will start a review of my academic resources, based on the ones most relevant for my research in terms of organizational culture, organizational performance, and their relationship with each other. Afterward, I will state the limitations of current studies and demonstrate my conceptual framework. Next, I will describe my research approach (methodology) and data collection and analysis. After explaining organizational culture models and their relationship with performance, I will continue with a sample of culture stories of failed and successful organizations. Lastly, I will make a conclusion and sum up my results."

ISSUING BODY NOTE: BAU International Berlin University of Applied Sciences is the former name of Berlin International University of Applied Sciences.

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